Copyright and Trademark

When that brilliant idea strikes, it is important to safeguard your intellectual property. The firm achieves this in a combination of providing contracts with significant protective language for your clients, employees, and third parties and through trademark registration. Trademark Registration can be achieved either on a Texas only or nation-wide basis. The attorneys will discuss the best filing options for your business and file and monitor the trademark through the whole process for a flat fee.  

If a dispute or threat to your registered property arises, Ruffner Schoenbaum PLLC will review the facts giving rise to the dispute and discuss what options exist for protecting your intangible property rights.  Sometimes a simple misunderstanding can be corrected with a cease and desist letter to a party unaware of the unlawful nature of its conduct.  On the other hand, if your trademark or copyright is being infringed by an aggressive wrongdoer, litigation may be the best or only option.  

Ruffner Schoenbaum does not handle patents or other highly technical intellectual property registration or litigation, but we are happy to provide a quality referral on request.