Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation can take many forms. Ruffner Schoenbaum PLLC has experience assisting clients in a wide variety of matters. For example, Eleanor and Tanya represent parties to contractual relationships that are not being performed as agreed or are in need of modification or termination.  They work with companies and boards of directors needing to extract themselves from corporate fiduciaries who have caused harm by neglecting or abusing their role.  They represent business people whose partners or shareholders are not meeting their obligations to the business.  They advise companies who need to protect themselves from unfair competition from competitors and former employees, from theft of trade secrets, from misuse of copyrighted or trademarked property, or from allegations of anti-competitive behavior.  They counsel people and entities who owe fiduciary duties, or who are owed fiduciary obligations, regarding the contours of those duties, the legal requirements for satisfying those duties, and the liability arising from a fiduciary’s breach.